GSDCost (previously GSD Enterprise)

A critical element of a successful manufacturing business is to ensure the Standard Minute Values (SMV’s) used for costing, capacity calculations, line balancing, and performance target and planning are accurate, reliable and consistent.

In manufacturing units where the SMV’s are based on data produced from traditional manual work study methods, the results are likely to be unreliable subjective estimates.

Businesses who continue to use these historical and outdated methods are at risk of making business-critical decisions based upon a false premise.

  • Unknown efficiencies create uncertain costs and delivery capability.
  • Uncertain production capacities lead to missed delivery deadlines, production downtime and increased overtime.
  • Unbalanced production lines create bottlenecks reducing production flow and efficiency.
  • The SMV defines all manufacturing costs including direct and indirect (overheads).
  • What is clear is that uncertain SMV’s equal uncertain costs!

GSDCost – Simply the Best Way to Cost and Make a Garment

GSDCost is a scientific and objective Methods Analysis process which creates a Method Standard to help Industrial and Production Engineers establish and optimise ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’ for all sewn products, using standard motion codes and predetermined times.

It establishes International Time Standards by applying the appropriate Predetermined Motion Codes to each step in the Method Standard.

These 39 Motion Codes, are used as building blocks to create 1000’s of Operations, 1000’s of Features and unlimited Product Styles.

The example below illustrates how the relevant predetermined Motion Codes are used with Operations and Features to create a Method Standard for a Style – in this instance for a Shirt.

The same Motion Code building blocks are used whatever the product from a simple T-Shirt to more complex Outerwear and all garment styles in between.

GSDCost – For Manufacturers

The GSDCost software module is used by trained and Licensed GSDCost Practitioners to analyse all operations in the factory establishing accurate and consistent times and assembling a complete Style analysis for Costing and Production.

This scientific process then creates an accurate & consistent Methods Database for the business.

The newly trained Practitioners then use GSDCost as a Method Improvement tool to investigate the detail of the analysis, and to identify opportunities for improvement which, once approved, are saved as new updated versions of the analysis.

GSDCost offers the opportunity for Manufacturing Excellence


As labour costs increase and FOB prices do not, costing becomes a critical aspect of any business relationship.

GSDCost creates a common language to establish real manufacturing time and cost, as well as a tool to engineer the costs to create more profit or manufacturing opportunities.

GSDCost can be deployed in all areas of the business but is often focused in Industrial Engineering, Continuous Improvement, Manufacturing Excellence & Lean teams.

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