GSD Quest

GSD Quest is our easy to use software solution which enables non-technical staff , with little or no manufacturing expertise to develop a ‘time-cost analysis’ for any chosen apparel product.

This is achieved through the use of standard product templates and a simple ‘drag and drop’ approach.

Create for Value

Quest is used at an early stage in the product development cycle enabling design and cost variations to be assembled and assessed, and the optimum price/performance balance achieved as part of a cost & value comparison.

Design teams can explore various ‘what-if’ scenarios with various product components to reduce the associated labour / manufacturing costs and achieve a lower ‘in store’ price points, and additional margin opportunities

Designed for Manufacturing 

Combining creativity with manufacturability, Quest uses standard components within category specific data libraries, which are derived from the core GSD database, which is typically applied in a Manufacturing environment. Consequently the resulting cost estimates represent a product which can actually be achieved in a factory environment.

This eliminates multiple sampling rounds and costly re-design activity, ensuring delivery compliance and time to market reduction opportunities.

Fact Based Costing 

Quest is often utilised as part of a Strategic Sourcing Initiative whereby partnership negotiations become a positive ‘win-win’ using Quest’s scientific costing methodologies.

The target garment minutes, factory efficiencies and cost per minute can all be pre-agreed, resulting in a reduction in the costing cycle time and with the optimum sustainable costs.

Supply Chain Scorecard

For many brands GSD acts as a selection or prioritisation mechanism for supply chain operational excellence and sustainability.

GSD Quest – A Summary
  • Quick Costing
  • Drag & Drop User Interface
  • Easy to Learn & Use
  • Templates to Guide the User
  • GSD Standard Data Libraries
  • GSD Enterprise Data
  • One week Training and Implementation

GSD Quest is usually deployed in Product Development, Costing and Merchandising teams.


Find out how we can help your business

Find out how we can help your business