Practitioner Training

Training and Implementation of the GSDCost Standard is the most important element of the software.

A successful implementation will ensure your team has the ability to use GSDCost data accurately, consistently and effectively. We focus on providing the correct balance of theory and practical training, delivered via our deeply experienced and professional Training Consultants, to ensure robust adoption of GSDCost inside your organization, and achievement of the maximum return on investment.

GSDCost Practitioner Training & Accreditation

The Practitioner training program includes theoretical and practical implementation of the system and is essential for all users of GSDCost.

This is a formal on-site course for a maximum of ten people, including both theory and practical examination, and a data and knowledge audit at the end of the course. Attendees must successfully complete all sections to become certified as a registered and Licensed “GSDCost Practitioner”, which is an internationally recognised qualification.

The Training is conducted in three separate phases:

Phase 1

Practitioner Licensing:
1-week training of the GSDCost codes. Students take Theory and Practical exams as part of the training.

Software Training:
1-week training on how to use the GSDCost Software and set up the local production environment in the database.

Core Style Analysis:
1-week training on the practical application of GSDCost in the production line to measure existing operation methods. One or more styles are analysed by the GSDCost team, forming the foundation of the new GSDCost Database.

This analysis will demonstrate how the new GSDCost numbers can improve Efficiency in Planning, Line Balancing and in workable incentive schemes

Method Improvement:
Once a core style has been analysed the GSDCost team uses the method analysis tools to optimise motions and reduce waste. A typical result of this phase is to reduce the Standard Time of the style and improve Productivity by 5-10%

Phase 2

Data Audit and Follow Up:
Once the newly trained Practitioners have been using the solution for 2-3 months, we are back on site to audit the work created by the team to ensure the solution is being  implemented correctly.  Advanced training is also undertaken during this phase.

Phase 3

After 4-6 months, we are back on site for the third time to support the newly trained GSDCost team, giving them an opportunity to highlight any issues they may have. At this time we also audit the team, the data and the factory to identify any weaknesses and to put in place corrective actions as necessary.

Once qualified, the GSDCost Practitioners then use the software as a method improvement tool to investigate the detail of the analysis to identify opportunities for improvement. These improvements once approved, are saved as new updated versions of the analysis.
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