GSD Bootcamps

Students study the GSD Motion Codes at a GSD BootcampTo augment our on-site Practitioner training program we also offer ‘GSD Bootcamps’.

These are formal training courses to which companies, who are licensed users of GSD, are able to send new trainees to be trained and licensed.

This GSD Practitioner training and Licensing program includes theoretical preparation to provide the foundation knowledge for all users of the GSD system.

The training is followed by an audit, after a minimum of at least 2 months of using GSD in the business to confirm the new Practitioner is qualified to use GSD practically within their own company.

This course guides the participants through the various levels and applications of the GSD Predetermined Time Standard (PTS) system. It includes a detailed analysis of the system and practical visualisation exercises, carefully structured to aid the student in the interpretation of the GSD motion codes.

Final examination at GSD Bootcamp Examinations take place at the end of the first week, and this together, with the audit will certify that the user is a “Licensed GSD Practitioner” – an internationally recognised qualification.

The course is open to any current GSD licensed company and class sizes are limited to a total of 10 people.



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Find out how we can help your business

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