Yakjin Group ready to improve productivity with GSD

GSD methodology training was recently completed at Yakjin Michigan Factory in Hai Duong Province (Vietnam). We are excited to announce that all the 12 participants who attended the training have passed the GSD theory and Practical Examinations with excellent results.

The participants are now ready to implement their newly acquired skills to improve productivity and reduce wastage in the processes.

Phase 1 – GSD Motion Code & Predetermined Time Standard System

Week 1 (GSD Practitioner Training)

The training officially started when Ms. Shin (Michigan Factory Director) welcomed participants from different factories of Yakjin.

Noemi Echague lead the GSD training project at Yakjin Group. The training started in February 2019. The trainees learned about GSD history, concept and basic application.

The trainees were given a systematic understanding of Pre-Determined Time Systems and GSD motion codes. They were also given some exercises to sharpen their knowledge about the motion codes.

At the end of the 1st week, participants took the Final Theory and Practical Examination to test comprehension, code application, and operation analysis. We are glad to inform that all the participants passed these examinations.

Week 2 (GSD Software Training)

The main focus in Week 2 was on software training. The participants were trained on how to use the GSD Enterprise software. Method Study Procedure was also discussed before sending the participants to the production floor.

Week 3 & 4 (Guided application and Method Improvement)

The main focus in Week 3 and 4 was on the guided application and method improvement. Participants were taken to the production floor where they were now able to determine the non-value adding motions, identify simultaneous motions and gradually create feature and style analysis.

The participants used the GSD method analysis tools and methodology and were able to start identifying ways of reducing wastage in their operations.

Congratulations to all the practitioners

Our congratulations to Jaciel Joyce R. Ricafort,  Ji Yeon Kim, Nguyen Thao Anh, Pham Thi Thanh Huong, Chikie Ann P. Cruz, Chang Hwan Oh, Ha Van Nui, Nguyen Thi Nhung, Mary Jean B. Juban, Hoang Thanh Loan, Rochayanti, and Santi Irfianti for successfully completing GSD Training Phase 1 and are now “GSD Theory” Certified.


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