Tecno Textil, Brazil completes Phase 1 of its GSD training

We are extremely glad to announce that the Technotextil, Brazil plant has fruitfully completed the GSD practitioner course, achieving an in-depth understanding of standardization and GSD codes.

The training team comprised of all new trainees from the Technotextil plant, headed by Marcelo Loures. The training went on from August 12th to September 06th, 2019, wherein the team achieved noteworthy savings in their core style, with GSD implementation.

Week 1: GSD Practitioner Theory Training

In the first week, the team focused on learning the purpose and application of the pre-determined time standards and GSD motion codes and sequences, through practical cases and test scenarios.

This was followed by final theory and practical examinations towards the end of the week. This exam aims to evaluate the participants’ understanding of the GSD codes implementation in sewing methods.


Week 2: GSD Software training & Database Configuration

Entering into the second week, the focus of the training shifted to the GSD Enterprise software understanding. The trainees got to learn how to use the GSD software to conduct method study, save style operation analysis and generate reports.

This week, the software was also configured to suit the organization’s specific needs.


Week 3 & 4: Application & Method Improvement (Core Style Analysis)

With the hands-on knowledge of the GSD codes and sequences and the software, in weeks 3 & 4, the training progressed to the core style analysis.

Here, the team conducted a video analysis of the core style, working collectively to identify the scope and implement the method improvements to the selected style. It involved a guided application of the GSD codes and techniques. The analysis encompassed handling improvements, sewing bursts reductions, and overall workplace review.

A total of 15 operations were analysed in the style, where the team achieved a 10% productivity improvement through GSD application.

Congratulations to the Team!

We congratulate the team for successfully completing Phase 1 of their GSD Training.


About Tecno Textil

Tecno Textil is a Brazil-based Sportwear manufacturing company, with a production capacity of over 35,000 pieces every week. The plant uses a batch production system through productive cells, and internal recording systems are used to measure and note the production performance. Its customer base includes leading global brands like Adidas, Asics, Kappa, New Balance, Puma, Under Armour, etc.


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