Hansae Haiti chooses the path to Productivity Improvement with GSD

We are delighted to announce that Hansae Haiti Group recently completed GSD methodology training. The course consisted of the students learning the theory behind GSD & its practical use. Examinations were taken relating to the knowledge they had acquired after which all the practitioners received the GSD license.

GSD Methodology Phase 1 – GSD Motion Code & Predetermined Time Standard System

Paul Cooper, GSD Project Manager lead the first phase of the training. The training took place at the Hansae Haiti premises during October 2018.

During the first phase of implementation, the trainees were given a systematic understanding of the practical applications of the GSD Motion Codes. He also explained the theory of the GSD Predetermined Time Standard (PTS) system.

Additional instructions included how to use the GSD Enterprise software.

This initial training also included practical group sessions to ensure those attending the sessions gained a full appreciation of the GSD process.

The team are now fully licensed GSD Practitioners, ready to apply the GSD Methodology

We are delighted to announce that all the student passed the final examinations to become fully licensed GSD Practitioners.

Our congratulations to Larforet Gagnol, Joseph Donald, Jean-Juste Woody, Emmanuel Alix Davis, Saint-Fleur Marjorie, Cyndie-Roberts Saintil, Manila Nepius, Bismarck de Jesus Garcia Baltodano, Jairo Alberto Bermudez Guevara. 

About Hansae Group

Since its establishment in 1982, Hansae Co., Ltd. has maintained consistent growth through specialized apparel exporting and stable internal management and has since become a business that can claim stable financial structure.

Currently, Hansae has 12 global corporations in 6 countries (Vietnam, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Indonesia, Myanmar and Haiti), over 700 people in its headquarters and 35,000 people working in New York and other manufacturing locations. Its 35th year since establishment, Hansae has become an innovative fashion design company by transitioning from an OEM-ODM specialized company to a “global fashion specialized company.”


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