Kiabi implement GSD Quest as part of their Industry 4.0 strategy

We are excited to announce that we recently completed the training and implementation of GSD Quest at leading French clothing retailer Kiabi, at their Hong Kong Office.

GSD Quest is our easy to use software solution using predetermined times of standard minute values, that enables staff, with little or no technical experience, to develop a ‘time-cost analysis’ for any apparel product. For more information, please follow the link – Quest.


The installation of GSD Quest is part of Kiabi’s ‘Industry 4.0 strategy for labour costing calculations and bench-marking of their manufacturing costsKiabi, who since their inception in 1978, have become an international group with 500 stores worldwide in 15 countries and 5 million visitors to their website. Their annual sales are in excess of two billion USD.


‘Industry 4.0 strategy’

The installation of GSD Quest is part of Kiabi’s ‘Industry 4.0 strategy’. Industry 4.0 is considered to represent the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, an element of which is the information-intensive transformation of manufacturing to a connected environment of data, people, processes, services and systems.

Kiabi embrace Industry 4.0 data and digitalization processes such as GSD Quest time-cost analysis softwareKiabi themselves define Industry 4.0 as a process in which they embrace data and digitalization to create business values to exceed customer expectations.

Additional internal objectives are to develop their team using technology, and collaborating with suppliers and service providers using best practice concepts and technology.

It is this component of the strategy that led Kiabi to install GSD. Our methods analysis and predetermined times solution is acknowledged as the international standard and recognised best practice product cost engineering process across the sewn products industry.


“Design to Value” Project use GSD recognised best practice product cost engineering process 

The use of GSD Quest is an integral part of Kiabi’s “Design to Value” project in which Quest will be used for labour costing calculations during the early part of the garment development stage. The solution will assist Kiabi with their evaluations and bench-marking of manufacturing cost with their vendors, and will enable accurate, fair and consistent product pricing, whilst also enabling accelerated development cycles.

As part of this project, Kiabi will use relevant QED Libraries from our range of specific data libraries. These libraries hold feature level standard minute data, which can be collated to produce the total number of minutes related to a particular garment style. Further information can be found on this link – QED Libraries.

Kiabi team training on GSD Quest time-cost analysis software as part of the "Design to Value” Project.

Riza Dumalin, one of our team of experienced Training and Productivity Consultants, who worked closely with the International Kiabi team including stakeholders from the Industrial Engineering, Technical, Procurement, Merchandising and Capacity Planning functions, conducted the training.

December 2018


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