GSD methodology training in Bangladesh for PDS Group

GSD methodology training for PDS Group’s Industrial Engineering team in Bangladesh was recently completed.

We had 12 participants from Progress Apparel Bangladesh Ltd. – Bangladesh, Green Smart Shirts Ltd. – Bangladesh and Norlanka Manufacturing Ltd – Sri Lanka. We are delighted to announce that all have received the GSD License.

GSD Training Overview

GSD Methodology Training was completed in three phases which concluded in the months of April, June and December 2018.

Manjula Jeevananda was the GSD Project Manager at PDS Group. During the classroom session, Manjula provided the trainees with meticulous knowledge and understanding about the GSD codes. He also explained the GSD enterprise software and the theory of Predetermined Time Standard (PTS) system.

After this, the trainees were given licenses post the theory examination.

The students then moved ahead to the Production floor to understand the practical application of GSD. This is a deeply important step since it imparts the trainees with hands-on experience and a chance to use the theoretical knowledge.

Manjula explained how the GSD motion codes will be used on the floor for the derivation of Standard Time.

During the sessions, the students were asked to make the videos and take notes of the motions done by operators.

The observations were reviewed on regular intervals by Manjula at the macro, operation, features and style level.

This further lead to the identification and elimination of unproductive processes. Hence, helping PDS cut down on the Production Cost.

Successful GSD Practitioners at PDS Group

We are delighted to announce that all the student passed the final examinations to become fully licensed GSD Practitioners.

Our congratulations to Akib Hasan, Mamunore Rashid, Kamrul Hasan, Nazmus Sakib, Md. Shahparan from Progress Apparel Bangladesh Ltd, Asfaque Ahmed, Abu Sayed Ashik, Shoidul Islam, Ruhul Amin, Shafikul Islam from Green Smart Shirts Ltd, Lakshan Maduranga, Thilina Gamage from NorLanka.

About PDS Group

Progress Apparel Bangladesh Ltd, Green Smart Shirts Ltd, and Norlanka Manufacturing Ltd are all part of the Hong Kong-based PDS Multinational Group.

The Group operates from a network of 31 offices in 18 companies, supported by 2,300 people across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia

They are a design-led and customer-centric business who work with around 200 of the leading retailers and brands and specialize in providing complete sourcing solutions to their customers managing each step in the global supply chain.

A note of Thanks!

We would like to thank Sanjaya Ranasinghe  (Head of IE of Progress Apparel Bangladesh Ltd) and Dinusha Madushan (Head of IE at Green Smart Shirts Ltd) for helping us with logistics and training facilities.

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