GSD Bootcamp – Vietnam

Congratulations to team members from SAE-A, VF Asia and Coats for joining the GSD Bootcamp Vietnam from May 7-18, 2018.

Among the successful participants were Ms. Ngoc Ngo (Coats), Daniel Tanusaputra (Coats), Karr Chong (VF Asia), Prott Pairojana (VF Asia), Alejandro Villavicencio (VF Asia) and Travis Han (SAE-A Trading).

The GSD Bootcamp took place in the offices of Coats Phong Phu in Ho Chi Minh City and was led by Noemi Echague who has been a licensed GSD Practitioner since 2001.

VF Asia first implemented GSD in 2017, and are currently using it across two sites in their Hong Kong sourcing hub and in their manufacturing partner factory in Bangladesh.

SAE-A TRADING first implemented GSD in 2012 in Indonesia and have since installed in Guatemala in 2017. VF Asia participants were working in different locations namely Hong Kong, Cambodia and Indonesia while the SAE-A participant is based in Seoul, Korea with frequent travels between factories as a member of the Lean Team.

All participants were new users and will be newly licensed practitioners after the Phase 2 Training which will be completed in Hong Kong this coming September 2018.

About the Companies:

VF is one of the world’s largest apparel, footwear and accessories companies with socially and environmentally responsible operations spanning numerous geographies around the world.
In 2017 SAE-A reached a total of $2.0 billion in annual exports. From yarn-production through its fabric mills that draw on new innovation and technology, to retail operations in Korea, SAE-A has become one of the few apparel manufacturers capable of achieving complete vertical-integration of its supply chain.
Coats are the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer serving the Apparel and Footwear industries and Speciality markets.


Welcome to the GSD Family!

21st May 2018

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