Grupo Siete Leguas concludes Phase 1: GSD Training

We are pleased to announce the completion of Phase 1 of the GSD practitioner training, at Grupo Siete Leguas (Durango México). The process helped Grupo Siete Leguas team to understand how standardisation of movement adds value to the business.

The training was joined by 10 participants out of which 7 were from CMT La Laguna Plant, 1 from Nicaragua Plant and 2 from the local plants of Grupo Siete Leguas.

The training of these 10 participants began on July 1st, this year and continued till 26th July, at Siete Leguas’s Durango facility.  The training helped the team to achieve significant time savings across the core style, with the implementation of GSD SMV.

Week 1: GSD Practitioner Theory Training

In the first week of their training the participants got a grip on the purpose and application of pre-determined time standards and GSD motion codes and sequences.

Participants learned about the GSD codes and motion sequences through practical examples and test scenarios. Participants then took their final theory and practical examinations at the end of the week to test their understanding about the GSD codes and motion sequences.

Week 2: GSD Software training & Database Configuration

In the second week of the training, the participants were introduced to the GSD Enterprise software.

During this week, the team was trained to measure and save style operation analysis, software’s database configuration, conduct method study and generate reports from the software.

Week 3 & 4: Application & Method Improvement (Core Style Analysis)

In the next two weeks, the training’s focus was on the core style analysis, with GSD codes and techniques being applied to the operations in the selected core style.

The team studied an existing style through video analysis and then worked collectively to identify and implement method improvements.

Handling improvements, sewing burst reductions and workplace review its part of the Analysis. In this phase, 38 operations were analyzed for potential method improvement. The team’s collaborative effort visualized the style productivity increase by 11% giving a $210,000 profit per month. Also, if we project the status 3 months from the end of the project, the company can expect a $420,000 per month profit from line re-balancing and final method improvement implementations.

Congratulations to the Team!

We congratulate Alicia Lopez, Lidia Valles, Alberto Garcia, Isai Cardenas, Gustavo Ortega, Virginia Esparza, Paula Morales, Rita Davila, Jose Luis Melendez, and Manik Hassain for successfully completing the Phase 1 of their GSD Training.

About Siete Leguas

Siete Leguas was founded 60 years ago by Mr. Antonio Juan Marcos, specializing throughout 3 decades in the manufacture of clothing for the Mexican market. In the 80’s the company had a radical change and focused on the exportation to the US market. Since then and until today the company is considered as one of the suppliers of denim most important and reliable in the world. As of this moment, we not only export to the US market but also to Europe, Asia, the Center, and South America.
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