Endeavour rewarded during GSD Training in Indonesia

GSD Practitioners in Indonesia ready for their Theoretical Training of our Predetermined Time Standard (PTS) systemA successful first phase of GSD Practitioners Training took place recently from October 29th through to November 9th at the premises of Pt. Prima Sejati Sejatera in Boyolali in Indonesia. The first step in establishing the true cost of manufacturing

Joining team member from Pt. Prima Sejati Sejatera were their colleagues from Pt. Pan Brothers, Pt. Eco Smart Garment, who are also part of Pan Brothers and garment holdings.

Pt. Adidas Sourcing Limited, who are located in Jakarta, also had representatives on the course.

The Company

Pan Brothers and garment holding were founded in 1980 and produce a very extensive range of garments including Padded and Light Weight Jackets, Pants, Shorts, Casual Pants and Dress Shirt. They also manufacture Technical, Functional and Active Wear Jackets used for Snow Boarding, Skiing, Jogging, Hiking, and other Sports and Outdoor Activities. Their Cut and Sewn Knit Garments facilities produce Polo Shirts, Golf Shirts, Track Suits, Sweat Suits using a wide array of fabrics.

They have a skilled workforce in excess of 35,000 and have a combined annual capacity of 90 million pieces. Their customers include Uniqlo, North Face, adidas, Spyder, Lacoste, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Berghaus, Armani, Prada, Brooks and many other distinguished companies around the world.


GSD Theoretical Training

The training was led by Riza Anderson, an experienced member of our team of Training and Productivity Consultants. Riza guided the participants methodically through the theoretical element of the training and explained the applications of the GSD Predetermined Time Standard (PTS) system.

Classroom training taking place of the GSD motion codes during the GSD theoretical training element of our Predetermined Time Standard (PTS) system

Riza also delivered a comprehensive evaluation of the GSD process, ensuring the students gained a well-defined understanding of the GSD motion codes. This initial classroom element of the training included formal practical exercises, in which full involvement of all of the group was encouraged to further embedded the awareness of the GSD process.


GSD Practical Application to help assess the true cost of manufacturing

The next stage for the students took place within the production lines of their own manufacturing units and had the opportunity to put their learning into practice, observing, taking notes and videos of many of the company’s core styles.

As part of the training the students had practical exercises studying their own core styles using GSD methodology

These videos were later reviewed, and through the use of the GSD methodology, the student started to create and review macro, operation, features and style analyses. They also started to recognise waste in their operation and began the process of eliminating that waste.

The students use using videos their own core styles in preparation to apply GSDe motion codes to their existing processes.



We are delighted to make it known all of the participants who attended this GSD Training Course passed the GSD Theory and Practical Examinations and therefore moved onto the Software Training element of the process. This involve practicing with the software to gain further understanding in preparation of their GSD licensing exam in December.

So our congratulations go to Ambar Wati of Pt. Pan Brothers, Widiastuti, Dedik Setyawan, Nur Khoiriyah, Ikha Sholikhah  from Pt. Eco Smart Garment Indonesia, Muh. Afrizal Aditya Putra, Desy Wulandari, Nugroho Ari Leobardus , Nanda Listiana Dita Seputri, Wisnu Subarkah Adi Prakoso who work at Pt. Prima Sejati Sejahtera and Rakhmattul Malik, Sulawiningsih from Pt. Adidas Sourcing Ltd.

The team with their certifications for this phase of the training - the GSD Theoretical Training of our Predetermined Time Standard (PTS) system

Special thanks to assistance from the team at Pt. Prima Sejati Sejatera, especially Yoki Herupahla QC Manager for the smooth translation and Zubaidah Bedah, Chief IE Costing, for all her coordinating effort throughout the training.

Please follow the link for further details of the GSD Practitioners Training.

November 2018

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