Confecciones del Valle completes GSDCost Training (Phase – 1)

Confecciones del Valle has concluded Phase 1 of its GSDCost practitioner training at its facility. This training process has enabled Confecciones del Valle to appreciate the value of standardizing movement in the factory.

Confecciones del Valle trained all the company’s new trainees, under the leadership of Herberth Menjivar. Their training went on from September 9th to October 4th, 2019. During the GSDCost SMV learning process, the team accomplished valuable savings in its core style’s SMV.

Week 1: GSDCost Practitioner Theory Course

The training was led by Georgina Vazquez, an experienced member of our team of Training and Productivity Consultants. The training started with the team learning about the purpose and application of predetermined time systems. They acquired the knowledge of the GSDCost motion codes and motion sequences using practical examples and test setups.

The whole process took the trainees step by step, where they learned how to apply GSDCost codes, and about the GSDCost technique and movements. Towards the end of the week, they took tests to judge their understanding of the subject. These exams are designed to measure the participant’s understanding of the GSDCost codes, motion sequences, and application for operation analysis.

Week 2: GSDCost Software Training & Database Configuration

During the second week of the training, the GSDCost software was introduced. The trainees learned about the main functions of the software and practiced to get a better grip on it. The software training includes knowhow of the software macros and features to improve operation and style creation.

The software was also configured to fit the tailored needs of the Confecciones del Valle factory. Software configuration also ensures that the data used to calculate SMV henceforth is correct. Each trainee here was assigned a user id to practice on the software, during the planned sessions.

Week 3 & 4: Application & Method Improvement (Core Style Analysis)

Now, in the final two weeks of the training, the focus shifted to the core style analysis. The team here chose two core styles, and applied GSD codes and techniques on them, to remeasure their SMV.

For this purpose, the trainees gathered video data of the actual, on-floor operation methods being used, and analysed them, through brainstorming and knowledge application. Collectively they came up with method improvements in the core styles.

A total of 43 operations were reviewed across both the styles, where they worked on reducing the excess handling and sewing bursts while ensuring the output of the improved method adheres to the required quality standards. Their collaborative efforts led to a direct 6% annual productivity improvement for the styles.

Moreover, the team creates standard methods, which reduced the process variability, improved on quality and output.

Congratulations to the Team!

We commend the Confecciones del Valle team for successfully completing Phase 1 of their GSD Training.

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