Businesses equipped to identify the actual cost of production

 Actual cost of production can be assessed following GSD Practitioners Training in IndonesiaWe are delighted to share the news, that after seven weeks of endeavour and hard work, the efforts made in Indonesia have paid off.  The successful participants are now equipped to start identifying the actual cost of production within their own manufacturing facilities

The team from Pt. Prima Sejati Sejatera, Pt. Pan Brothers, Pt. Eco Smart Garment and representative from Pt. Adidas Sourcing Limited, all passed their final examinations and GSD audit. Going forward this will enable the companies to make business critical decision using fact-based data.


Theoretical Training and Practical Exercises help to identify true  production costs

The first phase of this GSD Practitioners training took place on the premises of Pt. Prima Sejati Sejatera in Boyolali, Indonesia at the end of October and into November. This initial phase included training on the theoretical element of the GSD motion codes and the GSD Predetermined Time Standard (PTS) system. Formal practical exercises were included in this classroom aspect of the training.

GSD methodology applied to core garment styles enabling the team to assess the actual cost of production This element of the training was followed by an opportunity for the students to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice on some of their own core garment styles.

During this part of the training the participants visually assessed and filmed parts of the manufacturing process in order to examine the existing way of working on their production units.

This started the on-going process, using the GSD methodology, of eliminating waste within their current processes and to calculate the actual cost of production.


Final Audit and Examination Success – ready to assess the actual cost production

A final examination and audit of the newly training Practitioners completed the process. This ensures the correct implementation of the GSD solution is being applied to maximize the opportunity of deceiving the targeted savings.

All are now equipped to assess the actual cost of production within their production facilitates


Our congratulations for passing GSD licensing examination and final audit go to all the participants. Ambar Wati of Pt. Pan Brothers, Widiastuti, Dedik Setyawan, Nur Khoiriyah, Ikha Sholikhah from Pt. Eco Smart Garment Indonesia, Muh. Afrizal Aditya Putra, Desy Wulandari, Nugroho Ari Leobardus , Nanda Listiana Dita Seputri, Wisnu Subarkah Adi Prakoso who work at Pt. Prima Sejati Sejahtera and Rakhmattul Malik, Sulawiningsih from Pt. Adidas Sourcing Ltd.


Thank you for the Support

Riza Anderson, one of our experienced Training and Productivity Consultants, led the training and she offers special thanks to Zubaidah Bedah, Laras Rasmiyati SuksesMulia, Ibu Endang and Pak Yoki for all their support with translations and coordination to make this training ultimately successful.


Please follow the link for further details of the GSD Practitioners Training.

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