About GSDCost

GSDCost is the only globally acknowledged Global Time-Cost Manufacturing Standard for the sewn product industries.

For more than 40 years GSDCost has been delivering productivity and cost optimisation benefits to more than 5000 customers in 65 countries through world-class Method-Time Analysis solutions. Acknowledged by independent standards organisations as well as many of the largest Global Retailers and Brands, GSDCost is the only international reference standard for vendors who need to have the right information to manage and optimise their business operations, together with their critical retailer client relationships.

In May 2014, GSD (Corporate) Ltd. was acquired by Coats, the largest industrial thread manufacturer in the world under the software division Coats Digital.

GSDCost – For Manufacturers 

A fact-based solution to establish and optimise accurate time & cost benchmarks for garment costing and manufacturing excellence.

GSDCost is designed to help fashion brands and manufacturers establish and optimise ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’, using standard motion codes and predetermined times. It establishes a common language between fashion brands and manufacturers for discussions on cost, time, capacity, and compliance.

GSDCost’s scientific approach helps in standardising every step of an operation to reach optimal costing and achieve a high level of manufacturing excellence.

Establishing an accurate and consistent predetermined time for fashion manufacturing, GSDCost grows with your business and processes to establish data at operation, product feature, and style levels.

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GSDCost – For Brands / Retailers 

The international standard for time-cost benchmarking of sewn products for optimised, sustainable garment costing and supply chain excellence.

GSDCost helps brands and sourcing companies to establish and optimise ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’ for all sewn products, using standard motion codes and predetermined times. It is used at an early stage in the product development cycle, enabling design and cost variations to be assembled and assessed, establishing the optimum price/ performance balance as part of a cost and value comparison.

Product development teams can explore ‘what-if’ scenarios with various product components to reduce the associated manufacturing costs and achieve a lower ‘in store’ price point. Costing teams can establish a technology and methodology policy for costing to eliminate subjectivity and guesswork. Brand ME teams can drive method improvements to mitigate rising labour costs and maintain ‘best practice’ consistency across different factories.

Establishing a global time and cost brand and supply chain standard, GSDCost grows with your business and processes to establish a strategic and sustainable supply chain.

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