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GSD: The Time - Cost Benchmarking Standard for Apparel Brands and Manufacturers

How well a business manages change will determine the success of the business.

However, without proper measurement, there can be no effective management.

GSD provides a scientific, fact based approach to quantifying and optimising manufacturing methods and costs and accurately and consistently establishes International Standard Time values for garments and other sewn products in the Apparel Supply Chain.

GSD provides the ability to establish and quantify each step or operation in the manufacturing process, from cut to pack, and allows visibility of a business’s true manufacturing cost, allowing improved decision making and margin optimisation.

In 40 years GSD has been implemented in over 5000 locations in 65 countries

About GSD

GSD Enterprise is a proven solution for Manufacturers to optimise costs and improve productivity. GSD Quest offers Brands increased visibility for manufacturing cost & capacity from design to delivery.

GSD are part of Coats Global Services, who together with Fast React Systems and ThreadSol, offer technology solutions that deliver cost, speed & productivity improvements to fashion brands, retailers and vendor partners.

About GSD

Coats Global Services

GSD are part of Coats Global Services and together with Fast React we have unparalleled reach through the global fashion supply chain. We specialise in providing technology based solutions and industry best practice expertise that deliver significant and measurable cost, speed and productivity improvements to fashion brands, retailers, sewn product manufacturers and textile mills.

In the face of unprecedented pressure on the global fashion supply, we take our customers on a journey of transformational change that is proven to deliver enhanced performance and real competitive advantage, supporting a truly integrated, transparent and agile supply chain.

Established, trusted market leading names with proven, best in class solutions.

Coats Global Sevices

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